If you are using the Pro version, you can share room availability information with vacation rental websites that support the iCal format. A few iCal channels also support automatic booking retrieval.

iCal is a file format that represents the calendar for a certain room. Bookings and restrictions appear as blocked dates in the calendar, and thus indicate which dates the room is available.

  1. Go to Settings -> Channels -> iCal and click “Edit”.
  2. Find the room for which you want to share availability information and click “Generate export URL”.
  3. Copy the URL displayed and share it with any number of iCal channels. The channels may then call the URL regularly, and Sirvoy will respond with the availability for that room. For Airbnb see these instructions on how to import iCal calendars.
  4. Bookings can only be automatically imported from a few iCal channels. Click “Choose format” to see the currently supported channels. If you have a different iCal channel that you wish to retrieve booking from and its format matches either the Airbnb, HomeAway/VRBO or 9flats format, it can be connected too. However, please contact support@sirvoy.com in order to have the URL accepted.
  5. Copy the export URL from the respective channels and paste it in the “Enter iCal URL here..” field. For Airbnb, see these instructions on how to export the Airbnb calendar. Bookings from iCal channels that are not listed here, must be registered manually in Sirvoy.

Please note: Sirvoy has no control over how often the channel calls the URL to check the availability. Some channels will check less frequently, perhaps once a day. Most channels also restrict how often Sirvoy can check for new bookings. For example, Airbnb only allows us to inquire about new bookings every 30 minutes. In other words, you should expect some delays when using the iCal format. Consider also that these delays may cause overbookings.

-Modifications on bookings as well as cancellations will not go through to Sirvoy but must be handled manually. (However, date modification will come through.)

-Only confirmed Airbnb bookings will be imported and visible in Sirvoy. Pending booking requests or tentative bookings will not.

-The settings for the export calendar URL link in VRBO and Homeaway are recommended to be set to “non tentative”, as booking requests will be visible in Sirvoy elseway. If tentative bookings are imported to Sirvoy it may also cause “conflict” status in the booking in the Homeaway calendar.

-The room price is not sent, neither to the channel or to Sirvoy from the channel. Instead, when the booking appears in Sirvoy the room will be attributed the price set for 1 person in the room type in which the room appears. (The number of persons in iCal bookings will always be set to 1.) If the room appears in several room types, the price will be picked from the room type appearing first under Settings -> Accommodation.

Here are some of the major booking channels that use the iCal format (at least for importing availability information):