For each room type in the channel, at least one rate must always be mapped, usually the “standard rate”.

If you choose not to map the other rates, be aware of this:

  • When availability is updated for a certain mapped room type & rate combination, it will update the availability for all rates.
  • If you close out a room type in Sirvoy, the unmapped rates will still be bookable – unless they are configured by the channel to inherit restrictions from the mapped rate. You can test this by closing out a certain date range, and see if some rates still are bookable through the channel on those dates.
  • When bookings are received from the channel, the closest matching room type will be picked. If the “Non refundable” rate is booked, but that rate has not been mapped, the booking will be added to the room type in Sirvoy mapped to the “standard rate”.
  • The price for any unmapped rate will be set according to what you have set on the channel and any rate-relation set up there.