You can create a booking engine that requires a booking code to allow bookings. This can be useful when accepting room bookings for a wedding or similar.  You can choose to sell only certain room types to this booking engine.

  1. Go to  Settings -> Booking engine -> Manage booking engines and click “Add new booking engine”.
  2. Enable the setting called “Booking code is required”.
  3. Go to  Settings -> Price changes -> Promotion & discount codes -> “Create new code”.
  4. Create a code used to unlock the booking engine.

This feature is not to be confused with the booking code that can be used to unlock a restricted period. (See related support article “Using Booking Code to Unlock a Restricted Period”.)

The advantages with this feature is that it:

  • allows you to select which room types are to be sold and hence unlocked when activating the booking code to this booking engine.
  • immediately prompts the guests to enter a valid booking code before displaying the option to choose check-in/check-out dates.